The Girl Effect

Girls in developing countries desperately need our help as they eke out their daily existence in conditions of unimaginable atrocity. Regularly deprived of basic human rights such as food, education and health care, they and the children they bear are condemned to more suffering. It is economically and socially unsustainable to systematically ignore, devalue and abuse girls, when they are active participants in creating the next generation and in shaping the future.

What is the Girl Effect? It is a phrase and a movement designed to capture and illustrate the idea that giving a girl the tools to change herself will allow her to change her world. The key to improving female existence in impoverished countries lies in the girls and women themselves. “Africa is a rich country, but the gold is not in the ground – it is in the people.”

What can be done? The Plan Canada, CARE Canada and Because I Am a Girl web sites have several suggestions on fundraising methods. Raising money via the “Walk In Her Shoes” was an exciting initiative in which I participated. Since the key to a solution lies in the girls themselves, educating them on theories of self-empowerment, such as those offered by Dr. Susan Jeffers and Louise Hay, can be of immeasurable help. The girls are the inhabitants of their day-to-day lives and as such, their ideas on improving their situation will be at least as effective, if not more so, than those provided by external advisors.

Here are more Girl Effect posts you can enjoy. This campaign was orchestrated by Tara Sophia Mohr, @tarasophia.


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