Attending GHC2016

This year, I’ll be attending GHC (Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing) 2016.  I’m volunteering as a blogger and note-taker.  Writing has always been a passion of mine and I’m looking forward to combining my current profession (computer science) with my lifelong love of writing.

I work as an International Product Support Staff Engineer at Dell, providing the second-level of support for a performance monitoring application named Foglight (Java-based). I’m excited about attending GHC sessions on:

  • Quiet:  The Power of Introverts
  • Communicating for Influence and Impact
  • Bioinformatics (an ideal way to combine my interest in chemistry and computing)

Two former GHC attendees provided me with useful insights on the 2015 conference and their enthusiastic feedback inspired me to attend.  I heard about a lecture given by Sheryl Sandberg of “Lean In” fame, where she encouraged attendees to record 3 achievements at the end of each day.  Several personal development authors have emphasized the powerful effect of habit and routine.  Recording 3 achievements each night is certainly a good habit to cultivate!

Please subscribe to view my GHC Blogger posts in October 2016.  As Dr. David Sousa states in “How the Brain Learns”:

  • When we read information, we retain 10%
  • When we write out what we learn, we retain 20%
  • When we teach others, we retain a whopping 50%!

I’ll be glad to share what I learn and experience with my readers!


About Saranya Murthy

Voracious reader, aspiring writer, wordplay and personal growth enthusiast, English language and nature lover, 96.3FM fan, software developer
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