Managing Your Moods at Work

This session was presented by Beth Budwig, Mamta Suri and Harika Adivikolanu of Workday.  Harika is a new graduate.  The number of young speakers at GHC 17 is incredible!

80% of people feel stressed at work.  25% of people feel angry.  10% of people are afraid of experiencing violence at a co-worker’s hands.  Audible gasps resonated from the audience as these statistics were revealed.

The goal is to use more of our rational brain and recognize that:

  • Other people are not under our control!
  • We can only control our self and our responses

Beth was certain that the way she interacted with her boss and her boss’s boss “almost certainly cost her my job“.  The audience murmured in sympathy and admiration for her candor.  Beth saw a doctor to handle her job loss, the stress she felt over it and her interpersonal skills.  Beth amused us by showing us a slide of an orange cat in a white lab coat with the nametag Dr. Morris.  She assured us that her real doctor did not look like this!

The doctor prescribed Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, which is based on Cognitive Mindfulness.  The word dialectical refers to holding 2 opposite truths in mind, such as:

  • I’m fine the way I am
  • I am ready and willing to change

It is essentially about emotional regulation.  Beth shared her website:  Tools for Managing Your Moods.  She joked that her JavaScript skills are not that great and she doesn’t look at the back-end so therefore, “Your data is perfectly safe.  No one will know your answers except you and your cache“.  When the audience responded with laughter, she said, “Wow, I didn’t expect that to get a laugh.  But given the audience …”  There are certain in-jokes at GHC 17 and Nora Denzel makes most of them!

Beth described a lunch hour walk with a colleague.  The colleague spent most of the walk complaining about what was preventing her from being effective at work.  Beth reframed this by asking her colleague, “Who do you admire?”  The colleague mentioned various staff members.  Beth then surprised her colleague by asking, “In what areas could they improve?”  Beth’s colleague was surprised to discover that there are areas in which we can all improve!  In other words, we’re all human.


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